About us

The Story of the Health Support Family
in Business For 40 Years

In 1967, our family, Mother, Father and Daughter became Pioneers in the Natural Health Supplement Industry with two Mom & Pop stores, “Jackson Heights Health Foods” and “Enjoy Health Foods” Plus a Wholesale Distributing Company. All located in New York.

Believing in only the finest ingredients to make quality products. Our goals have always been:

To Give Customers 100% Personal Care and Knowledgeable Service.

Experience tells us that our customers know what kind of products they want to be effective to keep them healthy. They expect only the purest ingredients. The Health Support family has been doing this for over 40 years. Since 2000, Health Support, Inc. has been doing business as wholesale distributor selling to fine health food stores nationwide. We introduced a 100% Raw Extra Virgin Coconut Oil product and proudly marketed it as the purest quality in taste, smell and feel. In 2004, a Women’s World Magazine article stated that Coconut Oil has been the #1 weight loss, cooking oil and beauty oil worldwide.
We believe we could follow with other formulas that would meet the quality standards we have followed since 1967. Our formulas promote radiant, healthy skin and support a healthy lifestyle for everyone.

Our Other formulas include:
Mega Chia Seed – Colon Regularity

Coconut Oil Diet – Help maintain
your Diet

Thank You For Helping Us Grow
Best Wishes for Health and Wellness

Margaret Ann Hogan
Founder Health Support, Inc.