Six Foods That Increase Fertility In Men And Women

Parenthood is a phase of joy and ecstasy and every expecting parent try to prepare their best for the imminent baby in the family. There are many food items that help in boosting the fertility in humans. These food items avoid miscarriage in women and enhance fertility in men. The fertility enhancing food products must have high nutrients value along with increased antioxidant percentage in it.

The food eaten by you may have a long term effect on your level of fertility. Especially the couple who may be planning a baby, must go for food items that are effective in fertility enhancement. A diet filled with fats and calories may have negative impacts on your fertility and also a very strict diet that makes you starve may hamper the extent of fertility in your body. The source of carbohydrates should be whole meal products and protein must also be consumed in good quantity for a successful conception. Try to limit your alcohol and caffeine intake since it may have a negative impact on your rate of fertility.

1. Garlic

Garlic has always been associated with various health advantages but the aphrodisiac properties present in the garlic help in improved blood circulation in the body. Eating garlic raw everyday on empty stomach helps to fight infertility, lowers blood pressure and cholesterol.

2. Fish

Most of the fishes are very high in fatty acid contents that help in enhancing the fertility in your body. The blood circulation around the reproductive system is increased with the help of the essential fatty acids present inside the fish. The quality of sperm can also be improved with the fatty acids which are found in the fish. Make sure that you do not eat any mercury containing fish, in case you are trying to conceive. Mercury may remain inside your body system for almost a year which may affect your fertility in long run.

3. Fresh Fruits

The quality and the potential of sperms and ovules can be improved with the help of Vitamin C which is found in greater quantities in many fruits. Fruits like orange, sweet lime, lemon and mangoes are very supportive in increasing the fertility in our body. These fruits also have higher level of antioxidants that offers you better fertility.

4. Nuts

Almonds and walnuts are filled with Vitamin E that prevents the miscarriage by tendering the higher level of protection to the embryos. Almonds are also considered to assist in the development and mental growth of the foetus.

5. Eggs

Fertility is greatly affected by the Vitamin B12 and folate which are easily present inside the eggs. Eggs do offer a lot of protein that helps in the cell development and cell division of the growing embryos. The birth defects can be minimized with the help of the folate which is present inside the eggs. The folic acid present inside the eggs is the major factor responsible for the development of brain in the baby. Eggs also have antioxidants and caretenoids that boost the level of fertility in men and women.

6. Full Cream Milk

Whole milk and dairy products filled with cream are believed to increase your productivity. Women who consume yoghurt and full cream milk on daily basis are found to be more fertile as compare to women who do not drink milk. A full fat diet can help women to conceive and fight infertility as well.