Six Foods That Speed Up Metabolism

Foods That Rev Up Metabolism For A Healthy Living

A higher metabolism means an active lifestyle that ensures a better immune system and health of our bodies. Many of us heavily rely on the doctors to prescribe medicines for high metabolism. But it is not always good to be surviving on medicines. You might also want to consider the fact that pills come with their own set of side effects that could pose greater problems to your body. Why don’t we focus on curing most of our health problems naturally? Yes you can try some of the foods such as green tea, fruits, vegetables, spices, tuna, brown rice, coffee and dark chocolates to get rid of lethargy and boost the metabolism for a stronger health.

1. Green Tea

Two cups of green tea a day can help you a long way by boosting your metabolism. Green tea is made up of antioxidants known as catechins – ECGC and polyphenols. This is why studies reveal that its consumption helps kill an extra 70 to 100 calories. Begin your day in a healthy style by brewing a cup of green tea in just about few minutes for your morning breakfast!

2. Chewy Foods

Foods such as nuts, vegetables, lean meat and vegetables demand more chewing compared to other food items in your diet. It is because of this reason that you take time to consume your food and quite surprisingly feel full too soon. High protein foods will also be a nice substitute to boost your metabolic rate.

3. Spicy Meals

Make spices a part of your lunch and dinner. Add a tinge of jalapeno, dried mustard, cinnamon, garlic, chilli powder, ginger and cloves to your food and see how you burn those extra calories. Peppers comprise of capsaicin which breaks the accumulation of protein in your body leading to generation of more heat. During this process, it releases certain hormones and stimulates the metabolic rate.

4. Brown Rice

Rice can be cooked in various forms and those of us who consume or would like to enjoy brown rice in their diet will ensure a higher metabolism. Brown rice are not only time consuming to chew but also are rich in fibre and reserve more room in the stomachs. It creates a thermic effect and you feel less hungry after a small serving.

5. Tuna

The finfish Tuna is a smart decision to boost your metabolic rate. This fish is rich in omega-3 fatty acids that facilitate in the production of leptin. Leptin is a hormone that increases the feeling of being full with just about one serving. So this not only controls your weight but works towards a healthier and active lifestyle.

6. Coffee

Coffee has always played a pivotal role in letting you work or study extra long hours of the day or night. But did you know that coffee contains caffeine which can increase metabolism by 15%? Make yourself a nice coffee while you are busy doing your chores. A piece of advice however would be to stick to one or maximum two cups of coffee since high amount of the drug of caffeine can have adverse impact on your nervous system.

So plan a diet to include food that requires more effort to chew and thereby burn calories by up to 30%. Amazing isn’t it? Infact break your meals into small portions spread over the day. It is believed the more you eat the more your body goes through a thermic effect causing an increase in the metabolic rate. We also should know that a higher rate of metabolism is a sure way to keep your weight under control and hence keep all the weight related diseases such as obesity and gastroenteritis at bay. Rev up your metabolism and curb the appetite to exercise greater control over your body.