A friend recommended that I take Coconut Oil Softgels because I was looking to lose a couple pounds. She takes it to maintain her weight. I took them for a month and continued to eat and excercise as I always had. I lost the weight I was looking to lose. I will continue taking them to maintain.

Danielle P
Laguna Beach, CA


I have been taking Rejuvenade Juices To Go everyday in the afternoon when I would have had a cup of coffee. I love the boost of energy that I get plus the antioxidants are an added plus. Thank you so much for coming out with the Rejuvenade Powder it’s a great value. I got my husband hooked on it. He takes his before he goes to the gym.

Katy, TX


I am a regular user of your Coconut Oil Diet. I recently tried your new Coconut Power Diet Plus. I have been taking it for a month and have lost 6 pounds. I have to tell you that I have adjusted my diet as you recommended but have not increased my exercise. I will continue to take this product and have recommended it to my friends. Thank you.

Daytona, FL


Love the Coconut Power Diet Plus … I take it 1/2 hour before breakfast and lunch with a small bottle of water. I am definitely less hungry.

Palo Alto, CA


I just wanted to let you know that a friend recommended that I take Coconut Oil Diet Caps from Health Support. I ordered them and love them. I take them daily and have lost weight. I have tried many other fad diet pills to no avail. The good part about Coconut Oil Diet Caps is that I lost weight steadily and there were no side affects like jitters or a starving feeling. Thank you for making a good product.

Mary Ellen
Phoenix, AZ


Thank you for making the Rejuvenade Juices in a scoopable package. I get twice as many uses for almost half the cost.

Wilkes Barre, PA


Hello Health Support,

I just wanted to drop you an email and let you know I love Rejuvenade Juices To Go. I take one packet before I go to the gym and it gives me the added kick I need to get through my spinning class. I have also started using it in the afternoon to replace coffee. Thank you for such a great product. Also, I have just ordered the African Mango. Dr Oz talked about it for weightloss. Any extra help I can get I will take.

South Bend, Indiana


I heard Doctor Oz talk about Coconut Oil so I went to the store and purchased Health Support Coconut Oil. I am sold on it. I cook with it every day and have replaced butter with Coconut Oil. Sometimes I just take a scoop and eat it right off the spoon. It’s a smooth non-oily taste that is delicous. I recently ordered the Coconut Caps to try to lose some weight I heard it will help. I will let you know how that goes.

Independence, MO


I started giving my dog your Coconut Oil last month and what a difference. Her coat is soft and shiny. I give her about a tablespoon every morning and night. She loves it, licks it right off the spoon. She gets sores in her ears from scratching them (she is prone to ear infections). Someone recommended putting Coconut Oil on a cottonball and swabbing the inside of her ear. I don’t let it drip down and I only do it where I can see. After a few times the sores and the redness were gone. Oh and the family loves the Coconut Oil too. I cook with it and sometimes take a little with the dog in the morning (me first!).

Thank you,Mary
Greenbay, WI


WOW, What a product !!! I would love to introduce this to some of the Dog Groomers, vets, shelters, ect. Our community has a great love for animals, (dogs more) and have many outside fun fairs ect all year long. Is there anyway I could get some of your brochures and maybe a few samples ( coconut oil a must) and I promise you, you will be selling this stuff like hot cakes in this area of Florida. I am on line a lot talking with dog lovers and finding new things to benefit our animals lives. We just rescued an Australian Shepherd and I just got involved with their little group. (up to 1350 families in this area alone. Anyway, if you could send a link to download brochures or if I need to give a mailing address to receive some samples and brochures, I know this coconut oil alone will be one heck of a seller. One of the gals in our office has just ordered some of the coconut oil, but I am not sure what site she got it from, so I will pass your site along to her for future. I sure hope you realize that I believe this product, (if it does what it says) could go flying off your shelves with a little bit of introduction I will give at these dog outings. I also visit a lot of dog parks and could be a good ambassador for your products. Have a great day and I look forward to hearing back from you.

Pete B, Dunedin, Fl

Hi Margaret Ann, Thanks so much for your prompt delivery of the coconut oil. When the first
jar arrived my husband asked, “okay. So what did you order now?” He was
thrilled to learn more about the oil and ended up eating it straight from
the jar, which is the reason I orered more. Besides the three times a day “coconut oil tea” I drink, we found it
very useful in the bathroom as a moisturizer for the whole family after
showers or bathing. It’s the only thing I feel safe putting on my one year old son for his skin. My daughter is addicted to using it on her lips. It’s very dry here in Minnesota thanks to the heater being pumped up because of all the cold weather but we don’t have that
winter itch anymore because of the oil. It also kind of makes us feel like
we are in a tropical location with it’s coconut smell. I’m excited to experiment this week with new recipes. My husband is excited to try my coconut oil shrimp scampi with fresh lime and garlic. MMM. I’ll maybe share the secret if it’s good 🙂 Well, I know you are busy but I just wanted to say, great product and
I’m already preaching to my friends to get a jar. Talk to you soon,