Top 10 Questions To Ask Your Doctor About Prostate Cancer

Take time to know more about Prostate Cancer. Early detection of this type of cancer has almost hundred percent survival rate. While visiting the cancer specialists, patients often forget what to ask and the importance of asking the right questions. Here is a list of top ten questions that will help you know about Prostate Cancer and make you stay informed.

1. What are the tests required for proper diagnosis?

It is essential for a patient who has been detected by Prostate Cancer to know what are the other tests required to confirm the same. The patient should prepare the lists of tests recommended by the specialist and do as advised.

2. What is the clinical state of the Patient?

The state of the Prostate Cancer helps decide the approach of the treatment. When the patient knows about the stage of the cancer, he can prepare his mind for the same.

3. Is a second opinion possible for the same?

It is not advisable to believe the first diagnosis. Hence, the patient should ask the specialist for second opinion and seek recommendations for the same. While it is not necessary to follow the recommended specialist, yet it is a big help.

4. What are the options for the treatment?

When the person comes to know that he / she is suffering from Prostate Cancer, it is advisable to know all the possible options available for treating it. The patient should also ask the doctor why a particular treatment is being recommended for treating the Cancer.

5. What are the risks and side effects of the approached treatment?

Along with knowing the benefits, the patient should also know the side effects that will result by following a certain treatment. This will help the patient to prepare himself for the treatment well in advance.

6. What is the success rate of the treatment?

It is advisable to ask the success rate of the treatment that is being approached by the cancer specialist. The doctor reveals everything to the patient right from the treatment, side effects, risks, benefits as well as the success rate.

7. Will the family history affect the success of treatment?

The family history plays a major role in treating any type of cancer including prostate cancer. Hence, the patient should reveal complete family history pertaining to cancer or related ones to the cancer specialist. This will help him decide the success rate of treatment.

8. Is the age and lifestyle of the patient influences the treatment?

The treatment and its response vary from person to person. Hence, the patient and the family should inform the doctor in advance about the lifestyle and seek recommendations regarding the same.

9. Does the patient should wait or seek treatment?

At times, patients are advised watchful waiting to see if the cancer grows. Hence, it is advised to the family to know in advance whether the doctor will start the treatment right away or will ask the patient to wait.

10. What will be the cost of the treatment?

The patient should ask the doctor about possible fees and the cost of the treatment. This will enable him / her to arrange for the money in advance.