Top Ten Tactics to Improve Digestion System

An improved digestion system promotes better absorption of nutrients that are essential for the body. It is very important for us to focus on our daily dietary habits, lifestyle and stress levels to monitor the digestion system. Following are top ten ways that can help you maintain a healthy digestion system:

1: Avoid Raw or Uncooked Foods

Always try to avoid raw or uncooked food since it slows down the digestion process. Even if you choose to consume raw food preheat before eating it. So if you have a weak digestion system, rely less on uncooked food and drinks. Opt for hot soups and bean dishes over sandwiches.

2: Maintain Time Intervals

Some studies have revealed that every morsel of food should be chewed 30 times. You may feel astounded but proper breaking of food particles is essential for the salivary enzymes to perform their function in the right way and hence promote better digestion. Maintain time intervals between each mouthful rather than just gulping down your meals.

3: Avoid Other Activities

During lunch or dinner time or whenever you sit to eat food, try to avoid reading, watching TV, working, texting sms or any other thing. Your only focus should be on food. A peaceful environment has a progressive impact on digestion compared to noisy ones.

4: Avoid Consuming Fruits With Meals

Avoid consuming fruits with meals. Fruits have a tendency to slow down the process of digestion. In contract to this you can opt for cooked fruit if you cannot do without having it during meals.

5: Stay Way from Variety

Variety is the spice of life but not in food. Do not cause a burden in your meals by mixing various food items. Follow a simple diet with two or three types of foods.

6: Drinking Hot Water

Drink hot water or hot tea and see the difference in your diet. Indeed hot water mixed with a slice of ginger, peppermint, cinnamon and chamomile works wonders for detoxifying the body and strengthening the digestion system.

7: Avoid Leftovers and Eat Fresh Cooked Foods

Fresh cooked foods are heavy in nutrients and free of staleness. One should avoid leftovers and prefer freshly cooked meals for a healthy digestion system.

8: Avoid Overeating

Do not fill your stomach completely with food. This means one should avoid overeating for damaging the digestion system. An amount of two cupped hands is the right amount of food to be consumed daily.

9: Physical Exercises

Once you have completed eating your meal do get involved into physical exercises like walking and running. If the body is still it gets to give entire focus on the digestion process and thereby avoiding any type of complications in the same. Hence after your lunch and dinner stay relaxed and may be watch tv or listen to music.

10: Bathroom Posture

It is important to improve the bathroom posture for a better digestion. Compared to the modern commodes in use, the tradition posture of squatting aids in removing the digestion disturbances. For those who cannot do without the commodes can also opt for squatting potty affixed on the commode and see the difference in the digestion process.

If you can simply incorporate these steps in your daily routine, it is no difficult task to maintain a healthy digestion system. List out these points on a sheet of paper and place it close to your bed so that you can monitor yourself.